Welcome to RMFW University

Welcome to RMFW University.

If you are logged in and registered for class(es), they are listed below.  If you do not see your class, ensure that you are logged in.  If you are and still don't see your class, contact the Registrar for RMFW University at classroomdean@rmfw.org.  

If you are not registered for a class, go to the RMFW website, then click on RMFW U where you will find all the information needed to browse available classes and sign up for those of interest to you.  

A frequently asked question is how, generally, are online classes structured?  

The specific way a class is scheduled is determined by the instructor, but in general, classes are structured to allow you to be "in class" whenever is good for you.  A typical class is structured something like this:

After an instructor posts a lecture, it is available for the duration of the class.  

There may be exercises and interactions that are encouraged during a specific period of time, but when you do them is completely up to you.  For example, an instructor may encourage a discussion about the topic of a lecture on a specific one or two day period.  It's up to you to participate during that time, in much the same way that you would respond to a Facebook post.  

At this time, podcasts and webinars that require you to be "in class" at a specific time are not part of the offering.  

Some instructors may schedule chat sessions and have a specific time to be in the chat room for the class; most instructors schedule these for a couple of different times so those unable to make one time may be able to make another.

The advantages for online classes are:

  • They are convenient -- no leaving home.  PJs and slippers are encouraged.
  • They are a way of having that "classroom" experience with other writers within your home and at a time of your choosing.  You might meet a writer in your neighborhood or from across the world -- literally.
  • They are taught by fellow writers who have deep interest in and expertise about the topic of the class.
  • They are reasonably priced.
If you're interested in signing up for a class, go back to Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, where you will find a list of available classes.