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Writing for TV – Then and Now

By Trai Cartwright I love Downton Abbey. I love House of Lies, House of Cards (both UK and USA), Orange is the New Black, Black Orphan, Girls, and I especially love The Walking Dead. I’m a TV junkie, have seen since I was parked, along with the majority of my Generation X co-horts, in front of a TV rather than sent to after-school programs. My [...]

Authors Behaving Badly

By Kris Neri As Charles Manson once said, “Are people strange, or am I just crazy?” Call me naïve, but as a published author myself, I assumed other authors must interact with booksellers as courteously as I do. I've always believed intelligence and sensitivity to be typical traits among those who write. For the most part I've found that to be true. [...]

Meet Kerri Buckley, Carina Press Editor

As part of our series to introduce everyone to our Colorado Gold Conference guests, I caught Carina Press editor Kerri Buckley for an informal chat. Jeffe: Hi Kerri! Thanks for being here on the RMFW blog today! Kerri: And thanks so much for having me. I'm getting so excited for the conference! Jeffe: So are we! Jeffe: I know that you're an [...]

Announcing the Judges for the Colorado Gold Writing Contest

There's one more thing we don't want you to miss about the Colorado Gold Writing Contest for unpublished novelists. Announcing the 2014 Colorado Gold Final Judges! Action/Thriller Matt Martz, Editor, St. Martin’s Press/Minotaur Mainstream Peter Senftleben Associate Editor, Kensington Books Mystery/Suspense Terri Bischoff, Editor, Midnight [...]

RMFW Spotlight on Chris Devlin, Colorado Gold Writers Contest Chair

This month we're shining the light on Chris Devlin who is coordinating the RMFW Colorado Gold Writers Contest. If you want to know more about the contest which opened for submissions on April 1st, just scroll down to yesterday's special post or visit the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers website contest page. Welcome, Chris, and thanks for all you do to help [...]

The Colorado Gold Writing Contest Opened for Submission on April 1st

Tomorrow we shine the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Spotlight on Chris Devlin, Contest Chair. She has a big job, and we aim to help her out a little by spreading the word about this outstanding opportunity for unpublished writers. You've been working hard on your manuscript--writing, revising, self-editing, then rewriting after your critique group reviews [...]

A Muse By Any Other Name

By Mary Gillgannon In a post a couple of months ago, I was discussing the creative process and mentioned my muse “not speaking to me”. Afterwards, I began to think about the concept of a muse, what it means to me and why I think of mine as female. The word probably originates from the Greek word mosis, referring to desire or wish. In Greek mythology, [...]

Getting in Bed with Your Co-Writer: The Art of Collaborative Writing

By Kym O’Connell-Todd and Mark Todd For us, successful collaborative writing is like good sex. First comes foreplay: we begin to brainstorm, teasing out seductive story lines to see if there’s something that we both want to spend time developing. And we’ve been doing this long enough that we already have a pretty good idea of what turns on our [...]

Mario Acevedo Shares Some of His Favorite Authors

By Mario Acevedo A recent questionnaire on Facebook asked to list fifteen authors that influenced you personally. I jotted down some names, then as I thought about it, kept revising the list. After I had posted the list I realized I had overlooked one of the authors. So I’ll start this edited list with him. Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange. The [...]

Those Little Bells

By Mark Stevens (This blog is a note to self. Thanks for letting me share.) I recently read a New Yorker profile of the writer Lydia Davis and I felt as if I’d entered a very calm, clear space. It’s a long piece, by Dana Goodyear, but it’s behind a paywall at the New Yorker web site so I thought I’d highlight one major point here. I highly [...]
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